Welcome glass lovers!

My name is Sue Fix and I have been in love with glass since I was a little girl.  For the past few years I have been lucky enough to create my own glass art and I’m telling you, it’s a ton of fun. Check it out . . .

My style focuses on beauty and function. I try to make pieces that look great sitting on a coffee table or piled high with burgers at a picnic.

Check out the Picture Gallery for a few examples of pieces I have made. Some are one-of-a-kind but many can be somewhat re-created. They range in size from serving pieces to soap dishes.  There are also some jewelry, pendants, Christmas ornaments, sun catchers and a variety of other novelties.

Well I’m still out of commission. We’re hoping to move to a new home in a month or so that comes with a great shop for me so stay tuned…❤️

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For those who may have missed it earlier – here’s my 2015 Holiday Lineup- November 6 & 7 – Kent Senior Center November 14 – Tahoma High School..

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